Follow my cousin Georgie's Hentai Blog

2017-10-18 20:53:38 by DrawingWithArthuz


My cousin Georgie is the sweetest girl I've ever met. She is shy and often disappears and to draw on her own.

While she lives in London like me I never get to see her due to my schedule but she finally decided to make a blog with the promise that she'd upload every day. She is super talented,  and her hentai is on point. 

Warning it contains 18+ illustrations that some audiences might find disturbing, you are entering at your own will and if that's the case I ask you to please treat her well, she is a quite a sensible person. Thank you!

SupImLoryen Website Update!!!

2016-09-03 16:17:56 by DrawingWithArthuz


It has been requested quite a lot for me to make specific Tutorials how to draw and paint. So I created the official SupImLoryen website, where you can find tons of tutorials on how to draw and paint, check out my gallery and if you want support my work by getting some goodies on the online store, such as the Original Res. Paintings, Linearts for you to practice your colour theory, and WalkThrough Videos of my best works so far (a lot of unseen content). Make sure to Share this Link to your friends family, leave a comment and practice tons xD

Hey guys During the next couple of months I will be working on Virtual Reality games every single day :O So I thought I'd stream my process from concepting the HTC VR technology to the 3D modeling, while letting anyone ask about the VR, is it worth buying? What should you expect from it pros and cons :)